Author is a solo parent raising a young toddler and two cats.

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Hi, welcome to the blog, feel free to chat and look around a while.

I initially started the blog thinking that I’d focus on parenting posts with strategies for common challenges (like tantrums and sleep). There are some of these but the site has also expanded to a wider look at healthy living, allergy friendly recipes, experimenting in the kitchen, fun activities to do with kids, craft ideas, and the journey of discovery with my daughter’s health issues.

So far as well as the joys and tears of 24/7 solo parenting a toddler, there’s also my daughter’s health issues which mean a lot of time in the kitchen, a lot of research, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of medical appointments, and a lot of patience (and hugs of course, lots of hugs!)

You might find a sense of connection with the blog because you have kids, or you’re a solo parent, or have someone in your family with food allergies, or have a child with an illness, or because you like cooking, or just because you thought an Instagram photo was pretty! Whatever your reason, welcome 😀

For those with food allergies or chronic health issues, this is where I’m at diagnostically for Miss 2:

  • Gastric Reflux Disease (GERDS)
  • Enflamed adenoids, tonsils, turbinates resulting in snoring, sleep apnoea, sore throats etc. (linked to airborne allergies).
  • Food:
    • Delayed (non-IgE mediated) systemic allergies to soy, red kidney beans, cannellini beans.
    • Intolerance: Feijoas
    • Sensitivity: all artificial additives (we’re on an RPAH Failsafe list of nasty additives to avoid.
    • Potential sensitivities to: citrus fruit, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, cashews, dairy, gluten.
  • Environmental: allergic to bee stings, over-active histamine response to other insect bites; airborne grass/weed pollen and dust mites.
  • Medical: sensitive to topical steroids (i.e. Flixonase results in nose bleeds and periorificial dermatitis.
  • Contact: needs to be soap free and no more bubble baths (even our ‘sensitive’ Goats Milk one) as her skin is to reactive; no sulphates (i.e.  Sodium laureth sulfate <SLS>) or parabens; no glycerin (can be soy derived).
  • Mild eczema and other dermatitis issues.
  • Sensory processing issues.