Discover our Oceans: Turtle Study

While we were studying Guatemala, we really enjoyed learning about the life cycle of sea turtles and how important it is to provide safe nesting sites for them to lay their eggs; such as the beaches of Monterrico. Turtles return to where they are born to lay their eggs, which are then vulnerable to predation (by both humans and animals). Once safely in the water, turtles form a vital part of the eco-system and without them systems can become imbalanced – such as an increase in jellyfish populations and a decrease in fish. In addition to adult turtles being actively hunted for commercial purposes, they are also at risk from increasing plastic pollution in our oceans – often mistaking it for food such as jellyfish.

Want ideas for learning about sea turtles?

Check out books such as The Baby Turtle by Andy Belcher, and One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies.

Watch videos about sea turtles, such as National Geographic, Disney, and Animals for Kids.

Twinkl have turtle learning packs with activities such as naming the parts of a turtle, and making your own paper turtle.

Safari Ltd make a sea turtle life cycle pack.

KiwiCo’s Push and Pull Box involves making a pair of turtles.

Help protect our oceans by arranging a clean-up at your local beach. In New Zealand, you can even claim a beautiful wooden medal through DOC’s Kiwi Guardian programme!


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