Now on Pinterest!

Yay, FlyingSolo is now on Pinterest and lovingly curated to make things easy to find. Posts have been saved across multiple boards so that it’s easy to find things to do on rainy days, or things to cook for dinner, or baking, or gluten free recipes, or dairy free recipes etc.

Have fun and please remember to share 🙂

Learning how to use WordPress

It turns out that learning how to use WordPress has been a slightly higher learning curve than I imagined – especially when I’ve been awake since 4.30am, am uncaffeinated, and had to wait for my toddler to fall asleep before beginning.

The site currently looks mucky, I can’t quite work out how to bring up the various editing UIs that I’ve stumbled across, and I’ve only watched enough of the course to work out that I should watch the rest of it when I find the time.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog since…well, since I became a mother. I’ve been deterred by the idea that there are many other authors out there, an uncertainty of how to begin, and prioritising sleep (also tackling things like the mountain of washing that never ends).

I was part of a discussion today, with other mothers, about the challenges in encouraging children to eat. I mentioned the book that had prompted my current approach, promised to pass on the details, and it rekindled the idea of starting a blog for various parental musings, arts and crafts ideas, and other such family related things.