Avial (coconut curry)


Avial with 4-grain rice

I found a big selection of vegetarian Indian meals at a bulk buy store recently which we can actually eat because they use rice bran oil and they declare every single damn ingredient that they use (for which I love Priya as only someone with food allergies in the family can). The idea of a shortcut in the kitchen or a kinda-almost-sorta takeaway was wildly appealing so I decided to give them a try. We’ve already tried their Shahi Paneer.

Avial is a “popular south Indian dish with select combination of cooked vegetables, coconut gravy, and choice of spice blend.” The vegetables are apparently potato, radish, ash gourd, snake gourd, carrot, yam, beans, onion, and chilli. The oil is declared as coconut oil and the ingredients appear to be soy free. Although the curry is primarily coconut based, it does contain curd so is not suitable for dairy free.

It was pleasant and mild although not the most appealing visually (and definitely didn’t look like the photo on the packaging!).

Allergies: soy free, egg free, peanut free, gluten free. Not suitable for dairy or tree nut (cashew).


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