Allergy update & how we’re coping

I’m having to put a list together of all of Miss 2’s medical appointments for the last 12 months. It’s part of a bureaucratic process and it feels kind of bleak, we’re at something like 33 now out of 52 weeks. If you factor in her being sick most of the time in between those appointments and the fact that I’m a single mother with very little support, it’s pretty fracking overwhelming. Good thing I’m sitting down with a coffee to write this while she plays gleefully in a ball pit. 

She’s doing better this week – She laughed the other day and it was such a beautiful spontaneous sound that it brought tears to my eyes because it had been so many weeks since I’d heard it.

We both had airborne allergy tests recently and in her typical atypical fashion she came up in hives in several places – except for where she’d been pricked. Later that day her breathing started to labour and an awful snotty nose started that is still with us 10 days later. It makes it hard for her to breathe at times even with her mattress on a 45′ angle and three allergy medications each day (2 oral + 1 nasal spray). 

The good thing is that I reacted typically. Dust mites, dogs, and lots of grasses/weeds. With the help of a gardening association I identified that our little lawn has very little lawn grass and lots of highly aero-allergenic grasses/weeds. I’ve got Bermuda running grass, plantain, and Bahia grass (paspallum) that has an extended pollen season of about 5 months. Oh, there’s also the clover I love but the bees have adored it also this summer and it turns out we’re both allergic to being stung 😦

The grass allergy explains why I haven’t been able to breathe for months with an ongoing cough, worsening wheezing, feeling like there’s an elephant on my chest, and so many headaches / sinus pressure. It explains why walking my daughter to home care I get a headache and have trouble breathing but can easily run around an air conditioned mall. I’m on allergy medications now as well but it’s not like I can just avoid grass for the summer!

Hopefully the grass allergy also explains why Miss 2 has been deteriorating so rapidly since the start of the year. It would fit in timing wise and an aero-allergen would help to explain the summer colds, swollen terminates, swollen tonsils, and bruised swelling under her eyes.

There’s still the possibility of another food allergy or intolerance as well so I’m keeping a daily food diary for both of us (down to each ingredient). There are also several foods (like dairy, soy, gluten, eggs) that can cause excess mucous production even if you’re not allergic. There’s a wider range of allergenic-friendly foods available these days that may still appeal to a toddler but price-wise they’re not too friendly. I’d already reduced the amount of gluten and eggs in our diet; the aim will be to reduce them further (and dairy) to see if it helps and potentially work towards eliminating them all together.

More medical appointments next month with at least three different hospital departments. She may need to go back on her reflux medication as well since that has improved but not gone away and could be another factor in her misery this summer.

On the bright side, she is loved and knows that she is loved. She loves books, her vocab continues to increase (with hilarious and/or imperious sentences being uttered), she is kind, and she is growing.

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