Happy Valentines Day

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Hope all the parents out there had a wonderful Valentines Day! I felt blessed to be part of the team putting together an amazing experience for the first session back of our big music and dance playgroup for under 5’s. Such an awesome hardworking team and special treats for parents and kids alike.

Valentine’s Day can be one of those funny celebration days as a solo parent.  It bothered me the first two times that I was alone with my daughter but this time it didn’t bother me. I made it special for us with Valentine’s Day toast (home made bread with a chocolate-hazelnut spread I found that we can eat) and I was so incredibly grateful to the lovely Ronda at Walter & Rose (who made these beautiful cookies!!) who went the extra effort to message me back from her home with ingredient lists rather than waiting till she was back at work. It was a huge thing for my daughter that she was able to eat the heart shaped cookies with the other kids (and that I knew she couldn’t eat the teddy bear cookies as there was soy in the heart fondant).


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