Adventures in Bread Making

Needing to go soy free has meant venturing into bread making (or restricting ourselves to one or two commercial loaves that won’t make her sick; unfortunately these are quite dense and Miss Toddler does not like them).

I made bread by hand years ago but it seemed like a lot of effort and didn’t rise nearly as much as store bough varieties. I borrowed a bread maker last year and tried a couple of times but none of them worked (probably for a variety of reasons).

Now I’m determined to make it work and have had more luck after working out:

  • Bread needs high grade or strong flour. Plain/standard flour does not work nearly as well.
  • It helps to keep a close eye on the expiry date of the yeast.
  • The order in which ingredients get added is different in a breadmaker than making it from scratch.
  • Doing two dough cycle knock-down/risings in the breadmaking helps (if making from hand dough might be rising 3-4 hours overall compared to 1.5 hours in a breadmaker).
  • It cooks and rises better in the oven than the breadmaker (this also means that you don’t have the little metal mixer annoyingly baked into the bread).

So far I’ve made Milk Bread, Linseed Bread, and Toddler Friendly Multi-Grain Bread.

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