How peanut butter gave my daughter an allergy attack

Yesterday was a reminder to be ever vigilant with label checking. My daughter had peanut butter, for the first time in ages, on the home made soy-free bread I’d proudly made. She’d started an allergic reaction by bedtime. (I should note that she’s allergic to soy rather than peanuts).

I’ve been buying the same brand of peanut butter for years and we’ve used it previously without any obvious issues. It contains peanuts, salt, and ‘vegetable oil’; the company has confirmed the oil blend includes soybean oil.

The nature of her delayed allergies means the dietitian can’t test to determine if she’s one of the “vast majority” of sufferers that can tolerate soy lecithin or soybean oil (they contain little soy protein) so it comes back to parental testing, observation, and food diaries. She’s meant to be 100% soy free (apart from the emulsifier in her formula) until her health improves enough to trial her but I guess the peanut butter slipped through the cracks. Maybe she was tolerating it before as long as her allergenic load was low enough, maybe there was no soy protein in the teaspoon she had of it the time before, maybe it’s because her histamine & immune system have been in continuous overdrive since the last bee sting. There’s no way to know so instead I’m trying to focus on the positives.

At least now I know how to make my own peanut butter. Plus, tree nut butter (like cashews or almond) has been too expensive for us to buy but buying the nuts in bulk and making our own might now be an option.


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