Eczema – the Essential Guide

I’ve been reading a few eczema books lately since that’s been added to her list. Thankfully, her’s is mild and thus far seems to be an additional atopic symtom cropping up in conjunction with her allergy attacks. It’s still a whole new world for me working out a new treatment plan with her doctors and sorting through which medications, treatment creams, and tablets should be used (for which symptoms and in what order).

My favourite book thus far is, “Eczema: The Essential Guide” by Sharon Dempsey. The chapters are clearly labelled and set-out with a good flow and progression of information. There’s a good mix of text and useful infographics. There are also bullet points at the end of each chapter summarising key points. I also appreciated the quotes from parents with comments about their experiences.

As always with reference books, I recommend starting with a free local library as a resource. It’s also helpful to look at a few books to find one that most suits your needs and reading style before deciding if you want to buy one.


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