Yes You Can! Allergy friendly baking mixes


Yes You Can is a great Australian brand (available internationally) with artisan baking mixes that are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, and nut free. Their vegetable oil is certified palm oil.

Their website has full ingredient lists for their baking mixes (handy!) as well as cooking instructions. Turns out these can even be cooked in a rice cooker if you don’t have an oven (or microwave).

So far I’ve made their Apple & Cinnamon muffins and their Chocolate Orange Zest (as cupcakes rather than a cake). I thought they were both tasty! I liked the apple & cinnamon best, my toddler prefers the chocolate orange (the icing is included in the pack).

21/1/17 I checked with them just to make sure about the soy and they were really quick to get back to me. They advise that they are soy free, and also nut free, so have updated the post. So handy to find for a family with allergies and I love that their website has information on the countries & locations/stockists where they can be purchased!

9 thoughts on “Yes You Can! Allergy friendly baking mixes

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi I’m new. Hope it’s ok to comment. I stumbled across your site last night when I was searching for healthy gf or df blogs. I just have to tell you I really like your posts. I read several of your posts on Fb, too. I’m not a single parent, but I am a parent. 🙂 These mixes look great. Every thing with a -free on it, I am. Ha. Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free…

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    • nzflyingsolo says:

      I’d started off meaning to post more about parenting topics and then my daughter’s Gastric Reflux Disease snowballed into multiple allergies, eczema, the whole atopic bundle. I feel like all my time now that isn’t hands-on with her is spent trying to scan immunology books, recipe sites, being in the kitchen, and juggling medical appointments!

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      • Jessica says:

        I feel like I’m in the right place. My little is having stomach issues and Dr’s can’t figure it out. I’m doing similar things. Researching, researching, researching. Reading anything I can get ahold of. We cut wheat, red dyes, and I’m cutting back dairy. There’s an answer somewhere, just gotta find it. 🙂 I like your posts. I bookmarked the one about the Barium tests. Because that would be a big no go for us, too. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s helpful.


      • nzflyingsolo says:

        If a barium test is suggested, it’s worth checking with your local hospital what their approach is. I have seen photos online where they use a different kind of x-ray machine and have the child seated in an upright chair which I think would be less scary for a toddler than our experience.

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