Exciting eggs for toddlers 

Hard boiled eggs are a great source of protein for busy toddlers. It’s easy to make them appear more exciting and attractive by using egg moulds. You can obtain them cheaply and with free shipping from AliExpress, otherwise try having a look in a local Japanese store.


  1. Boil your eggs as normal. Make sure they are small to normal size (i.e sz 6) as a jumbo egg won’t fit in the mould.
  2. Peel your eggs while still warm. I like to pour out the boiling water and let the eggs sit in cold water for a couple of minutes to cool down. Peeling them under a trickle of cold tap water can help the shell come off easily.
  3. Place your egg in the mould and close the lid.
  4. The egg then needs to cool. You can use an ice bath, put it in the fridge, or (in a hurry) put it in the ice tray of the freezer for 20 mins.
  5. Serve to toddler. If you want you can use shreds of dry seaweed to artfully decorate but mine is just as excited without. The great thing about these moulds is that the pattern is imprinted on both sides so you can also cut these in half and effectively have two cars (or fishes etc.) which can make them easier for little ones to eat. My toddler likes to eat the yolk first and then eat the egg white.

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