Affordable Wooden Doll Family

I love AliExpress.  If you have the time to go searching for what you’re looking for then you can get some wonderful things for kids at bargain prices (even more so during their sales). One such bargain, now utterly beloved by my toddler, is a family of wooden dolls for USD$3.50-$5.00 (and that’s with free international shipping!)

Admittedly, it’s luck of the draw exactly which dolls you get (though you can try messaging the seller to see if they’ll take requests). We got, so my daughter informs me: Mummy Doll, Daddy Doll, Big Sister, Baby. It worked out much cheaper (and more convenient) than going to the shops. I was thrilled that this particular purchase arrived within two weeks; realistically, you need to act on the assumption that anything ordered from AliExpress will take four weeks.

If you want to pick up something more quickly, I hear that Kmart now sell a family of five wooden dolls for NZ$10 (sadly they still don’t have a website showing their products online). There are also options such as Hape which sell a family of six (you can choose Caucasian, African American, or Asian) but they do cost rather more.

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